Technology Dynamics

Master 2 Economics Risks and Data Science (IREF-ERDS)
Murat Yildizoglu

Synopsis of the course:

Chapter 0: Introduction - Slides
Chapter 1:A first model of technical progress and industrial dynamics - Slides - N&W in NetLogo (Right click + Save the link as…)
Chapter 2: A reappraisal of the role of patents using an evolutionary model - Slides
Chapter 3: The role of local interactions and increasing returns in technology dynamics - Slides
Chapter 4: Taking into account the ability of the agents learn about their environment and competitors - Slides

The paper to discuss and the project

  • Paper to comment: An articulated discussion of Winter (1984), underlining the importance, contributions and limits of this article. To be received in PDF format before October 31, 5PM.
  • Final project 2019/20: To be received before December 20, 2019.

March 19, 1474: Venice Enacts a Patently Original Idea

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