General scheme of the course

Advanced Industrial Dynamics

Applied Economics Master Program, second year (research)

Murat Yildizoglu
Université de Bordeaux


This course covers modern theories of industrial dynamics. It focuses on approaches that have strong inductive bases.
After a very introduction, the course will take the form of several workshops where we will study and discuss articles that introduced the main concepts about industrial dynamics. Following the schema given in the header of this page, these concepts encompass a large scope of economic mechanisms (going from firm behavior - very micro level - to national and international economic conditions - macro).

Supporting articles are provided on this web site, but they are only available for the students.


1. Introduction

A very brief discussion of the main concepts and mechanisms. (25.09.2014)

2. Historical elements

(2.10.2014) (9.10.2014)

3. Firms behavior and bounded rationality

(16 et 23 .10.2014)

4. Innovation and industrial dynamics


5. Determinants of technology dynamics


6. Institutions and regulation of industrial dynamics


Additional references :

Nelson, R. and S. Winter, 1984, An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change, Belknapp Press, Cambridge: MA

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RahmouniM. and M. Yildizoglu, 2011, Motivations et déterminants de l'innovation technologique : Un survol des théories moderne, Cahier du GREThA 2011-10.

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